USS Orlando

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USS Orlando
Technical Details
Class: Excelsior-Refit-class
Registry: NCC-10722
Role: Exploratory Cruiser
Status: Destroyed
Crew Information
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The USS Orlando was an Excelsior-Refit-class vessel most recently know for her service as the flagship of Vice Admiral Quinn Androski prior to her destruction in 2387.


Vessel History

The Early Years

The USS Orlando was first launched in 2294 under the command of Captain Tyler Baily. It was the fifth Excelsior-class vessel to be built after starfleet began refitting the previous Excelsiors. Aboard the Orlando at the time of its launch was a, relatively, young Shuttle Pilot by the name of Ensign Tobias Naros. The Orlando served on the border between Federation and Klingon space until 2345, when it was attacked and critically damaged by a small group of Klingon vessels; commanded by a Captain who was less than pleased with the recent peace treaty that had been signed. It was because of this attack, and the up and coming Ambassador-class starship, that Starfleet command felt that it was time to put the ship into mothballs. In the official decommissioning document, however, there was room left where the Orlando may be taken out of mothballs in the event that the Command deemed it appropriate.

The Orlando sat, unmanned, for nearly forty years. In the time since she was put down, the Federation had suffered several damaging incursions. From Wolf 359, to the Dominion War, and the attempted assimilation of Earth in 2373. After a long and drawn out argument, it was decided that the Orlando was to be recommissioned and given a complete refit. When looking at candidates for who to give command of the Orlando to, the name of Quinn Androski was brought up. It was argued, however, that he was nothing more than a professor of archeology at the academy and that he would make a poor commanding officer. After looking at a long list of potential commanders, it was finally decided to give the Command to Androski.


On June 20, 2385, the Command of the USS Orlando was officially handed over to Commander Quinn Androski. Quinn quickly set to work on getting the refit completed and filling his senior staff positions. Between repairs and finishing up the semester at the Academy, Quinn was able to find at least a handful of well qualified officers to fill several of his positions. For Executive Officer, Quinn found a Lieutenant Commander Mathias Baltar; for head of security and tactical, Lieutenant Ashlie Tannon; and for Chief Flight Control Officer, now-Lieutenant JG Tobias Naros again found himself aboard the Orlando. Just as the Orlando was about to take leave for its first mission, Second Lieutenant Greg Jackson was transferred to the Orlando as Marine Commanding Officer.

The Orlandos first mission was to be fairly simple; escort a convoy of diplomats to the First Quadrant Powers Peace Summit. This was soon turned upside down when the Orlando and the Convoy was attacked by three Elyshan vessels. The Orlando was able to fend off the attackers, but one of the Elyshan weapons opened a tear in the space-time continuum that hurled the Orlando five years into the future. In the future, the Orlando found that the Federation had gone to war with the Elyshan Empire, and was losing. It was then determined, that the Orlandos disappearance had been a crucial turning point in the diplomatic relations and that it had to be sent back to its own time to fix the timeline. Using a device developed by the Romulan Empire, the Orlando was able to return to its correct time. The summit was then rescheduled for a later date. The Mission, while a success, was not without it's casualties. Lieutenant Commander Baltar was killed be an alien probe, and Lieutenant Tannon fell into a deep coma, from which she could not be revived. Taking Baltars place was Lieutenant Tara Stone, who had been the Assistant Tactical Officer. Tobias Naros was placed in the second officer's position. After the report to Starfleet, Stone was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Naros to Lieutenant.

On the following mission, the Orlando was ordered to investigate the area know as the Triangle in order to discover the cause of the loss of hundreds of ships from the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan empire. After several weeks of investigation, it was discovered that the disappearances were caused by dark-matter based life forms that fed on the materials commonly used to build starships.

Later in the year, Commander Androski was promoted to Captain and the Orlando was ordered to undergo a special refit in order to facilitate the testing of a new coaxial warp drive. It was at this time that Commander Holly Millstone was temporarily assigned to the Orlando as the mission specialist. Millstone, who had been in a relationship with Captain Androski during his very early career, was the head of the project that brought the Coaxial drive into existence. Just as the Orlando was about to test the drive, all computer systems locked out with the Greek Symbol Omega replacing all of the controls. It was later revealed that the drive was powered by the Omega Particle. The drive, however, began to overload and an omega disaster was narrowly stopped by the Orlando's newest chief engineer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sophie Deveraux.

The Elyshan Cold War

Due to the increased hostilities with the Elyshan Empire, Starfleet command wanted a more experienced commander as executive officer in charge of patrolling the Elyshan border. After choosing Captain Androski to fill the position, under the command of then-Rear Admiral Iluvar, Quinn was promoted to the rank of Commodore. After a few weeks on the Elyshan border, the Orlando ran into a strong ion storm which, unbeknownst to the Orlando crew, was home to parasitic lifeforms which fed off of the fear of their host. The crew of the Orlando was able to force the life forms out, but not before causing serious mental damage to several members of the crew and driving Lieutenant Commander Lara Stone to turn off the safety protocols on the holodeck and severely damage her leg and lower spinal cord. As a result, Stone was transferred off the Orlando and a newcomer by the name of Lieutenant Commander Marcus Maxwell was brought in to replace her.

On the way to a brief shore leave, the omnipotent being known as Q appeared on the Orlando. While his true intentions were not revealed in their entirety, he proceeded to reach into the thoughts of the crew and give them whatever stray wishes crossed their mind. While there was no physical damage as a result of Q's games, it gave the Orlando crew a lot to think about, both about themselves and how the Federation was handling the Elyshan empire.

Shortly after their encounter with Q, the Orlando received a priority one message from Starbase 117 informing them that an Elyshan fleet was on a direct course to Starbase 386. The Orlando set a course and made it to 386 just before the Elyshans did.

Task Force Flagship

It had been nearly a year since Commodore Androski took the position of executive officer on the Elyshan border. Having seen the work he had done, Starfleet command decided that a change in pace was due for the Orlando and it's crew. Quinn found himself promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and placed in command of the Romulan border patrol. Less than three days after arriving at the border, news reached the Orlando that the Praetor of the Romulan Senate, Praetor Tal’aura, had been assassinated. At the behest of the Romulan Star Empire and Romulan Imperial State, the Orlando was ordered to provide a neutral third party investigation of the assassination.

Upon completion of their mission into the Romulan Empire, and while Admiral Androski was busy meeting with top brass, the crew of the Orlando were given time to relax and unwind at the civilian operated Farpoint Station. Upon Admiral Androski's return, the Orlando departed for the Romulan boarder once again. Their travel would be cut short, however, when a distress signal was received from Farpoint Station saying that they were under attack.

After several days of pursuing the ship that attacked the station, and an independent investigation performed by several Orlando crew members who were on the surface to help the survivors, it was discovered that the ship was in fact a space-born life form. The life form, it was discovered, had been the mate of another life form that had been enslaved by the Bandii in order to serve as the original Farpoint Station. That alien had, after suffering from its enslavement, had killed itself. In response, it's mate had sought out revenge on those that had caused its loved one's pain.

All this would be discovered too late, however, as the Orlando put itself in the line of fire. Taking severe damage, the Admiral Androski was forced to order an evacuation and a collision course set against the alien in order to save those on the planet. The Orlando was lost, with several members of the crew not making it off in time.

Two months would pass before the crew of the Orlando would receive their new orders, and another two before their new ship would be completed. The crew of the Orlando, having been separated for the majority of the time, were in for a special surprise upon their first inspection of their new vessel.

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