USS Orlando-A

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USS Orlando-A
Technical Details
Class: Legacy-class
Registry: NCC-10722-A
Role: Diplomatic Escort
Status: NPC
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Quinn Androski
Executive Officer: Commander Richard Halloway
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The USS Orlando-A is a Legacy-class vessel under the command of Vice Admiral Quinn Androski. She is currently assigned to Special Fleet Operations.


Vessel History

A New Legacy

The USS Orlando (NCC-10722-A) began construction as the USS Bismarck (NCC-96834) at the San Francisco Fleet Yards in early 2386. As one of the first new Legacy-class starships, the Bismarck was considered to be one of the finest achievements in Federation starship engineering. Continued advances in warp-field generation and other design elements from the ongoing analysis of the USS Voyager's sojourn in the Delta Quadrant were also incorporated into the construction of the first Legacy-class vessels, including the Bismarck.

Upon assuming command of the Bismarck, Vice Admiral Quinn Androski received a special dispensation from the Chief of Starfleet Operations to change the vessel's name and registry to USS Orlando (NCC-10722-A), after the original Excelsior-Refit-class USS Orlando, which had been destroyed by an alien entity in orbit of Deneb IV.

After several months of serving on the Romulan boarder, Admiral Androski volunteered the Orlando to assist in the recolonization of Jouret IV. As they began their initial surveys, {{Tobias Naros|Commander Naros]] and a member of the colony board accidentally discovered a system of tunnels stretching deep underground. As the team began exploring the tunnels, members began to disappear. Once it was discovered that the tunnels were somehow blocking all communications, scans, and weapons, the majority of the crew was used in order to find the missing crew members. Unfortunately, it was too late for several as four crew members were found dead, apparently mauled by some kind of animal.

After several hours of searching, one of the search teams found what appeared to be a room with a number of control consoles of unknown origin. After interfacing a generator with the systems, it was determined that there was a security system in place that was responsible for the deaths. After successfully disarming the security system, which included the dampening field blocking communications, it was determined that the room was a part of a much larger research facility founded by an ancient civilization. Unfortunately, there was little to no evidence as to which civilization had built it.

As Admiral Androski began working on a project to further investigate and protect the ancient facility, several of the Orlandos key officers were transferred to various other positions within the fleet, all of them sworn to secrecy about the events and discoveries on Jouret IV.

Crew Manifest

Character Species Rank & Affiliation Position Status
Quinn Androski Human KIKr-a3.png Commanding Officer PNPC
Richard Halloway Human KIKr-o5.png Executive Officer PNPC

Vessel Appearances

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