USS Pandora

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USS Pandora
Technical Details
Class: Luna-class
Registry: NCC-83739
Role: Deep Space Explorer
Status: Mothballed
Task Force: N/A
Task Force CO: N/A
Task Group: N/A
Task Group CO: N/A
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Ka’el Fermat (PNPC)
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Pandora is a Luna-class vessel currently undergoing a major refit and assessment at Starbase 386’s shipyards under the careful supervision of Commander Ka’el Fermat.

Vessel History

Construction at Utopia Planetia

First in Starfleet to bear the name, the USS Pandora was one of the second line of Luna-class starships to be developed. Her keel was laid in 2381 with heavy construction beginning soon afterwards. Having learned invaluable lessons from the Luna-class starships already in the field, the yard teams incorporated new methods and advances into the construction of the Pandora.

In 2383, the Pandora underwent her first warp stress tests, setting out from the Utopia Planetia Shipyards under computer control. She was escorted by the USS Thunderchild and the USS Wildcat. Tests proved successful and construction continued at a steady pace until late 2384. After receiving her final coat of space paint, the hull was officially christened and the Pandora was launched in early 2385.

She embarked on her shakedown cruise under the command of Commander Rick Castelleti, closely observed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. During her initial shakedown, the Pandora required periodic layovers for minor modifications to account for effects of field testing. Soon after the completion of her space trials and shakedown cruise, the Pandora arrived at Deep Space Nine where command was turned over to Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Karr.

Stumbling Out of the Gate

No sooner had Lieutenant Commander Karr assumed command than strange things began to happen. At first, most of the occurrences were minor disruptions, but it wasn’t long before the crew realized that there was something going on. As the disruptions continued to plague the crew of the Pandora, the starship was ordered to Starbase 386 for assessment and repairs in late 2385. Yard engineers discovered an unforeseen complication that had developed in the Pandora’s command and control functions, eventually spreading to other systems.

At the recommendation of Commander Ka’el Fermat, the Pandora underwent an extensive refit to address the flaws in her systems. Lieutenant Commander Karr and his senior staff were transferred to other assignments due to the extensiveness of the refit procedure. The Pandora’s refit was nearing completion when word reached Starbase 386 of the Battle of Altorus. Work on the Pandora was reduced in favor of returning active starships to the field as soon as possible. Soon after work resumed, the main work for the Pandora’s refit had been completed and she was put to her second set of space trials. The Pandora completed her space trials without incident and the engineers were confident that they had eliminated all traces of the flawed systems.

Task Force Flagship

The Pandora did not sit long in her berth at Starbase 386 before she was called upon to resume active service. In early 2386, she was placed under the command of Rear Admiral Iluvar when the admiral’s previous command, the USS Tethys, was ordered to undergo a complete refit. The Eighth Fleet's Command Staff felt it best allow some of the Tethys crew to transfer to the USS Pandora. It was clear that the members of the Tethys’ senior staff worked well together, as they had made many accomplishments in the field. Admiral Meyer in particular felt the Luna class vessel would be more fitting for a Task Force Commanding Officer.

Following the completion of a tour of Romulan defenses along the Elyshan Border, the USS Pandora was ordered to divert to Deep Space 4 where then-Rear Admiral Iluvar appeared before a Board of Inquiry. The investigation focused on some of the more questionable decisions that had been made by the admiral, both as a commanding officer and as a Starfleet officer. Despite evidence to the contrary, Iluvar was stripped of his position as Task Force Commanding Officer of Horizon Fleet's Task Force 22 and reduced in rank to that of captain. Though some would consider it a small favor, Captain Iluvar was allowed to retain his command of the USS Pandora.

Early 2387 saw the withdrawal of the Elyshan Empire from the galactic stage and the devastating effects of the Hobus Supernova wrought upon the severely fractured Romulan Empire. Seeing the need for strong, capable officers operating in the field, Admiral Olivia Tavez petitioned Vice Admiral Hawkins to re-visit the findings of the inquiry which had resulted in the demotion of former-Rear Admiral Iluvar, a task Andrew was quite willing to pursue. His review found several errors in procedure and testimony indicative of a serious miscarriage of justice. These findings prompted Andrew to overturn the inquiry's ruling and restore Iluvar to his former position of Task Force Commanding Officer.

A Turn of Events

The early months of 2388 saw several unique staffing changes within the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet administration as well as the creation of Operation Sunrise, Starfleet's latest effort to establish diplomatic security on both the Federation and Romulan frontiers. Among these staffing changes was the appointment of Vice Admiral Iluvar as the new Eighth Fleet Deputy Chief-of-Staff. Assuming responsibility for the operations of the Eighth Fleet and Operation Sunrise meant Iluvar would no longer be able to dedicate the time or energy to maintaining a starship command. Because of this, the USS Pandora returned to Starbase 386 where she was turned over to Commander Ka’el Fermat (PNPC) for refit and assessment.

USS Pandora Crew Manifest

Refit Supervisor, 2385-2386 Image Pending.png Y-o5.png
Commander Ka’el Fermat (PNPC)
Commanding Officer, 2386-2388 Iluvar.jpg KIKr-a3.png
Vice Admiral Iluvar
Refit Supervisor, 2388-Present Image Pending.png KIKy-o5.png
Commander Ka’el Fermat (PNPC)

Vessel Appearances

USS Pandora Missions by Season
Season 1 – 2386 to 2387 Now BoardingA House DividedThe Time of TrialConfusion in the Cluster
Season 2 – 2387 to Present Unanswered QuestionsResistanceHippocratic Oath

Season 1 – “Out of Trial and Confusion…”

Coming Soon…

Season 2 – “…Progress Shall Rise”

Coming Soon…

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