USS Relentless

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USS Relentless
Technical Details
Class: Intrepid-class
Registry: NCC-75001
Role: Light Explorer
Status: Awaiting Crew
Task Force: Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
Task Force CO: Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli
Task Group: Task Group 22-A "Explorers"
Task Group CO: PENDING
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Amanda Giddings
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The USS Relentless is an Intrepid-class starship having currently serving as part of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Task Force 22 "Pathfinders" under the command of Lieutenant Commander Amanda Giddings.

Vessel History

Construction on the Intrepid-class USS Relentless was completed by Starfleet engineers at the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards amidst ever increasing concerns within the upper echelons of Starfleet Command over the ongoing conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Elyshan Empire. Members of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet admiralty in particular found themselves in need of additional starship support and had specifically requested a vessel capable of replacing the USS Peacekeeper which had recently been assigned to Starbase 386 as a garrison vessel. Commander Emily Woodhouse was selected to be the Relentless' first Commanding Officer and assumed command on 27 July 2386. The Relentless departed Earth Spacedock on 10 August 2386 with orders to proceed to Deep Space Nine where she would take on additional crew and supplies before heading into the Eighth Fleet patrol zone.

Shortly after leaving Deep Space Nine, however, the Relentless picked up a distress call originating from the Diabla Colony claiming that they were under attack. The Relentless arrived on the scene and was immediately set upon by an aging Miranda-class starship from the Mirror Universe. Ship-to-ship combat ensued with the superior Intrepid-class starship quickly gaining the upper hand until the crew of the opposing vessel initiated their auto-destruct sequence. Commander Woodhouse and her crew turned to the colony's orbital station for an explanation as to what had just transpired, promising both the starbase and the colony that the Relentless would get to the bottom of things.

Another starship, the ISS Republic, soon arrived from the Mirror Universe in a similar fashion to the Miranda-class starship. The crew of the Relentless were eventually successful in capturing this new vessel and turning it to their own advantage. They converted the Republic into a trojan horse with the intention of passing through the same wormhole-like anomaly in order to infiltrate the Mirror Universe and determine the source of these attacks. When they emerged, however, they were surprised to discover they had also travelled backward in time to a point well before their own origins in the twenty-fourth century. It was there that they discovered a Romulan starship from their own time that had been captured by Mirror Universe forces. Working out a rather straight-forward plan to sabotage the operation, the crew crashed the ISS Republic into the station, destroying both the spacedock and the Romulan starship within.

Despite having been equipped with a cloaking device, the Relentless was soon detected. They were immediately pursued back toward the wormhole-like anomaly by enemy vessels and only just managed to make the return crossing. Commander Woodhouse promptly ordered the destruction of the anomaly for the safety of both universes.

The Relentless arrived at Starbase 514 a short time later where both ship and crew were formally welcomed into the Eighth Fleet. Soon afterward, Commander Woodhouse received orders to rendezvous with the Excalibur-class USS Arondight in hopes of uncovering the mystery of a NX-class starship that had been discovered buried in the desert on a planet inhabited by a pre-warp civilization. Both starships came under attack from Romulan vessels who also seemed interested in obtaining whatever secrets might have lay hidden within the NX-class ship. Together with the USS Arondight, the Relentless was successful in salvaging what remained of the NX-class starship and towing it back to the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards.

By 2389, the Relentless had completed an early refit which incorporated many of the recent developments in holographic interface technology and warp propulsion as well as advances in both offensive and defensive capabilities. Commander Emily Woodhouse was promoted to the rank of Captain and reassigned to the Eleventh Fleet along with a majority of the ship's senior staff while Lieutenant Commander Kyle Roberts was appointed to serve as her successor. Command of the vessel later passed to Lieutenant Commander Amanda Giddings.

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