USS Shiloh

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USS Shiloh
Technical Details
Class: Hastings-class
Registry: NCC-73549
Role: Carrier
Status: Mothballed
Crew Information
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The USS Shiloh is a Hastings-class vessel most recently serving under the command of Commander Mark Reinhart.

Ship History

The Federation saw heavy small craft losses in the Dominion War. After waves of fighters were lost to Cardassian and Jem'Hadar warships in major confrontations, it became apparent that Star Fleet's tactics needed to be revamped. Fighter Wings were not large enough and did not work well with their home vessel. In 2376, Star Fleet ordered Utopia Planetia Shipyards to design a heavy carrier based on the Sovereign-class's breakthrough technology and the ability to house twice as many fighters as an Akira-class cruiser.

The Hastings-class was designed as a carrier. She is capable of carrying three squadrons of attack fighters as well as a squadron of support vessels (auxiliary craft such as shuttles, hoppers, and runabouts). The hangar is a Thru-deck configuration with an aft access between Decks 8 and 9 on the aft section of the saucer. The Shuttlebay runs vertically through the center of the saucer section, making up the majority of decks 7-10, with the main bay doors opening at the bottom of Deck 16. Because space is limited on the Hangar Deck, fighters are docked in "racks" along the sides of the bay. Larger hoppers and runabouts, which can only use the "Drop Bay Doors" in the center of the bottom of the saucer, are kept in the center of the flight deck in rows allowing room for other auxiliary craft.

The Hastings-class is made with a "Thin Deck" configuration. This means that the vessel's decks are smaller, each deck is only 3 meters in height, as opposed to the usual 4 meters. It is designed for deep-space exploration, defensive missions and fighter deployment. Its advanced armament also make it a formidable warship. It includes the new Type-X phasers and Quantum torpedoes in addition to Photon torpedoes and Tri-Cobalt explosives. It also features the bio-circuitry and gel packs developed and refined in the Intrepid-class starships.

As of 2386 the first Hastings-class vessel to serve in the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet, the USS Shiloh was commissioned and launched under the command of Commander Mark Reinhart.

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