USS Tesla

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USS Tesla
Technical Details
Class: Nova-class
Registry: NCC-84827
Role: Science
Status: Garrison Vessel
Task Force: N/A
Task Force CO: N/A
Task Group: N/A
Task Group CO: N/A
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: TBD
Executive Officer: N/A
Second Officer: N/A
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The USS Tesla is a Federation Starfleet Nova-class corvette in service during the late twenty-fourth century. She is currently assigned as a garrison vessel attached to the Shiro-class Starbase 621.


Vessel History

Construction of the Nova-class USS Tesla (NCC-84827) began at the San Francisco Fleet Yards with the laying of her hull on 18 January 2388. Lieutenant Commander Zargas Entolius, a conservative Bolian engineer with nearly a decade of experience leading starship construction, was chosen by yard administrators to oversee the process. It was expected the vessel would take about twelve to fourteen months to complete following a relatively conservative construction schedule by which Lieutenant commander Entolius sought to take into account other ongoing projects yard engineers were currently engaged in.

Entolius relied heavily upon tried and true methods of starship construction learned from his own experience while placing less emphasis on advances learned by engineers aboard similar vessels already in the field. By mid June, however, Lieutenant Commander Entolius received orders transferring him to Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards where he was to oversee a project for the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. The unexpected loss of the Tesla's lead foreman put yard administrators in somewhat of a lurch. Nearly a week-and-a-half went by before they were able to find a suitable replacement in Lieutenant Jacob Warrington who had just finished overseeing construction of the Legacy-class USS Yorktown (NCC-88288).

Construction resumed in early July under the direction of Lieutenant Warrington and his assistant, Lieutenant JG Thomas Rolands. Together, the two engineers chose to continue with the timeline established by their predecessor while incorporating newer methods and advances learned from their own experience as well as that of field engineers. Adjustments were made as necessary and, by the end of the month, the USS Tesla had successfully completed her first warp stress tests under computer control. The later phases of construction proceeded without incident as yard crews continued working to prepare for space trials scheduled to take place in late September.

Tesla's space trials began at oh-six-hundred on 21 September 2388 at the Sector 001 Flight Test Range. These trials consisted of a number of tests of her handling characteristics, interior/exterior sensor capabilities, and security/tactical systems. Upon returning to the San Francisco Fleet Yards at about sixteen-hundred hours, the suveyor officially declared the ship space-worthy.

Starfleet officially commissioned the USS Tesla (NCC-84827) on 24 December 2388, four weeks ahead of the most conservative estimates. She remained in drydock through the end of the year and into early 2389 in order to accomodate shuffling personnel assignments and starship deployments. On 18 January 2389, one year after the Tesla's hull had first been laid, Lieutenant Jacob Warrington was ordered to assume temporary command of the vessel and transfer it to Starbase 621 where he would be taking on the role of Chief Engineering Officer. The journey to Starbase 621 was expected to take nearly two months with a brief layover at Betazed to take on supplies and personnel for the station.

The Tesla arrived at Starbase 621 on 12 March 2389, whereupon it was immediately turned over to the station commander as the primary support vessel for Starfleet operations in the region.

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