USS Tigris

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USS Tigris
Technical Details
Class: Sovereign-class
Registry: NCC-78600
Role: Explorer
Status: Active
Crew Information
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The USS Tigris is a Sovereign-class vessel assigned to the Eighth “Horizon” Fleet. She is most known for her service as part of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Task Group 42-A "Protectors" under the command of Captain Joseph Boston.

Vessel History

In the year 2385, the USS Tigris was launched under the command of Commander Joseph Boston from the San Fransisco Shipyards. As the newest Sovereign-class ship, the Tigris is one of the most advanced ships currently serving in Starfleet.

For her first mission, the Tigris and her crew were ordered to perform routine patrols of the Elyshan Empire boarder. After several days of patrols, the Tigris received a distress signal from what appeared to be a Starfleet research outpost. When the Tigris arrived at the station, they found a two Klingon birds-of-prey and one Klingon D-7 cruiser attacking the station. Upon fending off the enemy vessels, the Tigris beamed an away team to the station. When the survivors were collected, it was determined that the station atmosphere had been contaminated by several deadly pathogens and that the cures for them had been stolen along with samples of the viruses. While the away team worked to find cures for the diseases, the remaining crew of the Tigris gave chase to the Klingons that had attacked the station. After several days of hard work, both groups were successful in their missions.

Vessel Appearances

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