USS Vesuvius

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"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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USS Vesuvius
Technical Details
Class: Steamrunner-class
Registry: NCC-67167
Role: Light Explorer
Status: Awaiting CO
Crew Information
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The USS Vesuvius is a Steamrunner-class starship which most recently served as part of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet under the command of Lieutenant Commander Max McGillicuddy.

Vessel History

The Vesuvius was a ship built under a bad star and has been in the wrong place at the wrong time ever since. The ship's helm system malfunctioned on her maiden voyage over 20 years ago and plunged the ship into a corrosive atmosphere, changing its hull color pink. It might have been kinder had the ship not been able to pull out. Since then, the Vesuvius has been known as a bad luck ship. Other commanders started the practice of sending their misfits and malcontents to the unlucky pink ship. Now it's known as a ship where careers go to die.

The newest commander of the Vesuvius has a dream, a dream the Vesuvius can be a real starship again. To do that he'll need to get the ship refit, something its not had in over 10 years. No dockmaster would let those band of thieves in port. In reality, the crew only resorted to theft of parts only when it became clear they couldn't get the ship fixed anywhere. The crew is not incompetent, only square pegs trying to fit into round holes.

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