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USS Wright
Technical Details
Class: Wright-class
Registry: NX-97283
Role: Escort
Status: Support Vessel
Task Force: N/A
Task Force CO: N/A
Task Group: N/A
Task Group CO: N/A
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Peter Armstrong
Executive Officer: PENDING
Second Officer: PENDING
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The USS Wright is a Federation Starfleet Wright-class escort in service during the late twenty-fourth century. First of her class, the Wright is currently assigned as a support vessel attached to Carrier Group Eleven under the command of Commander Peter Armstrong.


Vessel History

The Wright-class Starship Development Project began in the mid-2380s at the Aldani Fleet Yards. Raids on merchant shipping and conflict with Elyshan factions were creating a great deal of concern amongst the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet admiralty. It was around this time that Vice Admiral Chris Manley, then Director of Research & Development, authorized the development of a starship design capable of escorting supply convoys, supporting Starfleet operations, as well as garrisoning starbases and other Federation installations.

Lieutenant Commander Sean Nelson was chosen to lead the design team while personnel from vessels and installations throughout the Eighth Fleet were called upon to provide consultation for the project. Team members started with what they knew of the thirty year old Defiant-class starship which had long since expanded from its initial role as a purely combat vessel. They then brought together lessons learned from Voyager's time in the Delta Quadrant and recent encounters with the Elyshans. An increasing awareness of the Yang Zutal only served to underscore the growing sense of urgency felt by many members of the team.

The appointment of then-Rear Admiral Lorian Tharos as Director of Research & Development in early 2388 proved less impacting of the design process than some might have anticipated. Because of his familiarity with the project, having served under Vice Admiral Manley for some time, Tharos and Lieutenant Commander Nelson were able to keep things moving forward with little interruption.

Construction of the prototype vessel, the USS Wright (NX-97283), was completed in early 2390 although without a majority of the creature comforts that would later be included. A skeleton crew made up of members from the design team, yard engineers, and flight testing personnel was assigned to the Wright with orders to begin extensive space trials. These trials consisted of a number of tests of her handling characteristics, interior/exterior sensor capabilities, and security/tactical systems. Upon returning to Aldani, the Wright underwent phase one assessment as engineers worked to correct those issues that had arisen during initial space trials.

On the morning of 08 March 2390, seven yard personnel were killed and twelve others injured in an explosion which occurred near Main Engineering and severely damaged several surrounding sections aboard the USS Wright. The entire Aldani system was placed on high alert even as yard personnel worked to secure the Wright and rescue trapped survivors. A subsequent investigation revealed that an agent of the Zutal Imperium may have boarded one of the Federation starships present at the Battle of Nashira disguised as an engineering technician. When the allied vessels returned to Aldani for repairs, the agent managed to slip aboard the Wright and plant an organic explosive device near the engineering section. The attack forced the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet to re-evaluate security throughout the Aldani system. It also resulted in significant delays for the Wright-class Starship Development Project as engineers worked to repair the damage inflicted upon the prototype vessel.

Repairing the damage to the USS Wright took about a month as engineering teams worked diligently to restore the affected sections. The Romulan Cloaking Device, damaged by the attack and deemed unnecessary for the starship's mission profile, was removed to make room for a secondary computer core designed specifically to manage the ship's tactical systems. Experimental holographic computer interface terminals which had already proven themselves aboard other vessels were replaced with standard LCARS in order to increase combat processing efficiency. The remaining creature comforts such as crew accommodations, mess hall facilities, and sickbay were completed prior to another set of controlled field tests which began in mid-2390.

Both Lieutenant Commander Nelson and Vice Admiral Tharos were extremely satisfied with the results of controlled field testing. They submitted a joint recommendation to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet admiralty that the USS Wright be approved for limited active duty. After reviewing their findings, the admiralty appointed Commander Peter Armstrong as the vessel's Commanding Officer at the direct recommendation of Vice Admiral Iluvar. Armstrong was granted permission to select the members of his Command Staff including Ensign Thomas Gates as Strategic Operations Officer and Ensign Charles Young as Science Officer. He officially assumed command of the vessel on 24 July 2390 with orders to deploy as part of Carrier Group Eleven.

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