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This article is official Star Trek canon.

The initial creation of United Earth Starfleet saw the need for a comprehensive, universal rank structure to be utilised, regardless of which country the individual holding the rank initially hailed from. As such, the foundations for the Starfleet rank system were laid down.

The initial ranking system used sewn-on patches for the few enlisted ranks that existed at the time, and a series of silver rectangular pips for the commissioned officers, worn on on the right breast of the uniform. The flag officer ranks - those of Commodore up to Admiral - were a series of smaller pips within a 'box', worn on both breasts of the uniform. The flag officer uniform was also distinctly different to that of a line officer or crewman; a trend which has been continued through the various uniform changes in Starfleet.

Division Colors

The division of Starfleet that an individual officer or crewman served within was denoted by a coloured border around each of the shoulder panels of the regulation uniform, including both the standard jumpsuit, the away team jacket, and the dress uniform jacket. However, the rank pips were not work on the field jacket, whereas they were worn on the right shoulder breast of the standard jumpsuit, and both shoulders of the dress jacket. Members of the Admiralty uniformly wore a red-and-white dual border on their shoulders, and wore their rank insignia on both shoulders on all uniforms minus the field jacket.

Division Name Division Stripe Division Name Division Stripe Division Name Division Stripe
Command/Helm ENTY-blank.png Engineering/Tactical ENTR-blank.png Science/Medical ENTT-blank.png
Admiralty ENTR-blank2.png

Rank Pip Chart

The rank system of the United Earth Starfleet was far more simplistic than Starfleet's later incarnations, and was largely based upon its most immediate predecessor's rank structure: NASA. As such, the ranks of the 22nd Century did not make use of the 'hollow' pips seen in the 24th Century, limiting the officer ranks to only four; Ensign, Lieutenant, Commander and Captain.

Officer Warrant Enlisted
Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia
Admiral ENTR-a4.png Chief Warrant Officer ENTY-w4.png Master Chief Petty Officer ENTY-e9.png
Vice Admiral ENTR-a3.png Master Warrant Officer ENTY-w3.png Senior Chief Petty Officer ENTY-e8.png
Rear Admiral ENTR-a2.png Staff Warrant Officer ENTY-w2.png Chief Petty Officer ENTY-e7.png
Commodore ENTR-a1.png Warrant Officer ENTY-w1.png Petty Officer First Class ENTY-e6.png
Captain ENTY-o6.png Petty Officer Second Class ENTY-e5.png
Commander ENTY-o5.png Petty Officer Third Class ENTY-e4.png
Lieutenant Commander ENTY-o4.png Crewman First Class ENTY-e3.png
Lieutenant ENTY-o3.png Crewman Second Class ENTY-e2.png
Lieutenant JG EntY-o2.png Crewman Third Class ENTY-e1.png
Ensign EntY-o1.png