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Androski, former CO of the late USS Orlando and USS Orlando-A, resigned from all postings within Horizon Fleet in order to concentrate more fully on completing his senior year of college. He began simming early in 2007 aboard the USS Pioneer of Obsidian Fleet. Soon after, the simm was disbanded and he joined the USS Frontier, which would later join Horizon Fleet. Sometime after joining Horizon Fleet, Androski became the Assistant Judge Advocate General and began expanding his role within Horizon Fleet. At his peak of activity, Androski held five playing characters within the fleet, as well as ascending to the position of Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 42, with the rank of Vice Admiral.

Upon his return to Horizon Fleet in August of 2012, Androski took up the position of Commanding Officer on board the Astral-class Starbase 484.


Active Playing Characters
Commanding Officer ATrax.png KIKr-o6.png
Aurora Trax
Starbase 484

Active Command Staff Characters
Academy Director CRutherford.png KIKr-a2.png
Chase Rutherford
Eighth Fleet Academy

Active Protected Non-Playing Characters
Commanding Officer QAndroski.jpg KIKr-a3.png
Quinn Androski
USS Orlando-A
Commanding Officer DBridgeport.jpg KIKr-a2.png
David Bridgeport
USS Worthington
Dockmaster JForest1.png KIKr-o3.png
John Forest
Starbase 484
Chief Surgeon MWinchester.jpg KIKt-o2.png
Margaret Winchester
Starbase 484

Inactive Playing Characters
Chief Science Officer MLessly1.png KIKt-o2.png
Matt Lessly
Extended Leave, Earth

Inactive Staff Characters
Classified QAndroski.jpg KIKr-a3.png
Quinn Androski
Independent Operations
Inactive Protected Non-Playing Characters
Admiral's Yeoman WSullivan.png KIKr-e3.png
Walter Sullivan
USS Orlando-A
Captain's Son JAndroski.png KIKw-blank.png
Jaden Androski
USS Orlando-A

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