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User Details
Status: Inactive
Date of Joining: 21 December 2007
Date of Departure: 14 January 2014
Role: Former Member
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Iluvar was an active member of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet community from his joining in December 2007 to his departure in January 2014. In that time, he held numerous active playing characters, several active non-playing staff characters, and countless non-playing characters throughout the Eleventh "Horizon" Fleet. This player is most noted for his service as Commanding Officer (aboard the USS Tethys, USS Pandora, and USS Yorktown), Task Force Commanding Officer, Judge Advocate-General, and Director of Research & Development.


Player History

In the Beginning (2007-2008)

Iluvar was first introduced to the Horizon Fleet community through a friend and fellow simmer in mid-December 2007. Although he had absolutely no prior simming experience, the friendly atmosphere of the community inspired him to dive in headfirst. He applied for and was accepted as commanding officer of the USS Tethys with the character of Commander Iluvar on 26 December 2007. With the support of other community members, Iluvar managed to expand his character base over time to include a total of five active characters and numerous non-playing characters across five simulations.

Task Force Administration (2008-2010)

It wasn't long before Iluvar's efforts to further develop his involvement in the larger community brought him into contact with several opportunities. He was approached in September 2008 by Rear Admiral Jason Locke (then Commanding Officer of Task Force 22 "Pathfinders") and asked to serve as a Task Group Commanding Officer within the Task Force Administration. Not long afterward, Iluvar applied to the position of Information Services Coordinator with the character of Captain Lorian Tharos.

Time brought about many changes for the Horizon Fleet community including the resignation of Rear Admiral Jason Locke. The Fleet Council officially selected then-Captain Iluvar to succeed Locke as Task Force 22 Commanding Officer on 24 February 2009. It was also around this time Iluvar chose to officially transfer his command from the {USS|Tethys} to the USS Pandora in order to allow his crew the opportunity for deeper character development. Iluvar continued to serve in this position until April 2010 when a series of unfortunate circumstances resulted in another opportunity for Iluvar to further develop his simming experience.

Judge Advocate-General (2010-2011)

Shortly after the Horizon Fleet re-launch in April 2010, the Horizon Fleet community found itself needing to fill several Fleet Council positions including that of Judge Advocate-General. It was during this period of transition that Iluvar decided his services might be of better use to the community by branching out into a new area of expertise. Officially resigning from his position as Task Force 22 Commanding Officer, Iluvar applied for and was accepted as Horizon Fleet's new Judge Advocate-General.

Return to Task Force Administration (2011-2012)

Iluvar continued to serve as Horizon Fleet's Judge Advocate-General for nearly a year. During that time, he played an integral role in developing the new JAG Website and helping to update much of the fleet judicial database. The sudden resignation of Rear Admiral Dorin Kilus in June 2011 left an opening in the Task Force Administration which needed to be filled. Given his own experience with Task Force Administration and the relatively quiet stability of the Judge Advocate-General department, Iluvar volunteered to resume his former position of Task Force 22 Commanding Officer which left responsibility of the Judge Advocate-General department to Rear Admiral Jon Carver.

Refocusing His Efforts (2012-2014)

A series of real life and simming community events following his return to Task Force Administration including the struggles of his own simulation eventually forced Iluvar to reconsider his current simming priorities. He first reduced his number of active characters from five to three in hopes of allowing himself more time to focus on his own simulation. It soon became clear, however, that he had become so deeply involved in his roles as Task Force Commanding Officer and Information Services Coordinator that he'd begun to neglect the responsibilities of commanding his own simulation. In an effort to allow himself more opportunity to focus on his own simulation, Iluvar made the difficult decision to resign from fleet administration and to withdraw his simulation (now the USS Yorktown) from the Horizon Fleet Community. This was done out of concern his continued presence following such a high-profile resignation might create an awkward situation for both himself as well as others within the community.

This was not to be the end of Iluvar's association with the Horizon Fleet community due to the presence of one active character aboard the USS Malinche-A as well as his respect for the community vision. He continued to remain peripherally involved in community affairs with the intention of helping to restore activity to Horizon Fleet, working closely with Vice Admiral Kailani Livian to continue management of the wiki database. Iluvar applied for and was appointed to the position of Director of Research & Development in early July 2012 in hopes that he might once again be able to take an active role in helping to lift up the Horizon Fleet Community. Shortly afterwards, the USS Yorktown simulation rejoined Horizon Fleet.

Decline, Withdrawl, and Resignation (2014 - Present)

Things eventually proved to be much more difficult than Iluvar had anticipated. The trend of real life and simming community events following his return to community administration, including the struggles of his own simulation, continued to weigh heavily upon Iluvar's time and energy. On 26 December 2013, the sixth year anniversary of its founding as part of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet community, Iluvar made the difficult decision to officially close the USS Yorktown simulation. That decision marked a significant turning point in his involvement in simming as well as his relationship with the greater community. The idea that he had chosen the role of community administrator over that of Commanding Officer or General Player did not sit well with Iluvar, especially given his passion for character development and creative world building.

Former Active Playing Characters

Active Playing Characters (Horizon Fleet)
Commanding Officer TNaros.jpg KIKr-o6.png
Captain Tobias Naros
USS Yorktown
Chief Strategic Operations Officer PArmstrong.jpg PROVr-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Peter Armstrong
USS Sentinel
Chief Medical Officer
Second Officer
ASheppard.jpg KIKt-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Andrew Sheppard
Starbase 484
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Second Officer
AMasterson.jpg Y-o3.png
Lieutenant Aaron Masterson
USS Malinche-A
Chief Engineering Officer JWarrington.jpg Y-o3.png
Lieutenant Jacob "Jake" Warrington
Starbase 621

Former Active Non-Playing Characters

Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Staff

Active Non-Playing Staff Characters (Horizon Fleet)
Deputy Chief-of-Staff
Operation Sunrise Supervisor
Iluvar.jpg KIKr-a3.png
Vice Admiral Iluvar
Eighth "Horizon" Fleet
Operation Sunrise
Director of Research & Development
Society Chair
LTharos.jpg C-a3.png
Vice Admiral Lorian Tharos
Eighth Fleet R&D
Cultural Archival Society

USS Yorktown

Active Non-Playing Characters (USS Yorktown)
Captain's Yeoman CBates.jpg KIKr-e4.png
Petty Officer 3rd Class Christian Bates
USS Yorktown
Flight Control Officer AVaer.jpg KIKr-o1.png
Ensign Azur Vaer
USS Yorktown
Shuttlecraft/Runabout Pilot EStuart.jpg KIKr-o1.png
Ensign Edward Stuart
USS Yorktown
Assistant Chief Operations Officer MDoering.jpg KIKy-o1.png
Ensign Marshall Doering
USS Yorktown
Assistant Chief Medical Officer AHaelen.jpg KIKt-blank.png
Dr. Anthony Haelen
USS Yorktown
Counselor JGael.jpg KIKt-o1.png
Ensign Jesse Gael
USS Yorktown
Marine Commanding Officer MWatters.jpg KIKg-o2.png
First Lieutenant Mike Watters
USS Yorktown
Cultural Research Specialist ESkyler.jpg KIKw-blank.png
Eldred Skyler, PhD
USS Yorktown
Owner, Orient Express Lounge YEldar.jpg KIKw-blank.png
Yuris Eldar
USS Yorktown
Lounge Staff, Orient Express Lounge GLetsky.jpg KIKw-blank.png
Greg Letsky
USS Yorktown

USS Sentinel

Active Non-Playing Characters (USS Sentinel)
Strategic Operations Officer TGates.jpg R-o1.png
Ensign Thomas Gates
USS Sentinel
Cultural Research Specialist CYoung.jpg T-o1.png
Ensign Charlie Young
USS Sentinel
Engineering Officer OAnvers.jpg Y-o1.png
Ensign Oliver Anvers
USS Sentinel

Starbase 484

Active Non-Playing Characters (Starbase 484)
Nurse DEllis.jpg KIKt-o1.png
Ensign David Ellis, RN
Starbase 484
Lead Medical Technician NJacobson.jpg KIKt-e4.png
Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathaniel Jacobson
Starbase 484
Medical Technician PFox.jpg KIKt-e3.png
Crewman Paul Fox
Starbase 484
Civilian Physician & Veterinarian SWesley.jpg KIKw-blank.png
Dr. Samuel Wesley, MD
Starbase 484

USS Malinche-A

Active Non-Playing Characters (USS Malinche-A)
Security Officer MKepler.jpg Y-o1.png
Ensign Mike Kepler
USS Malinche-A
Chief Systems Manager WSchulz.jpg Y-o3.png
Lieutenant William "Will" Schulz
USS Malinche-A

USS Malinche-A

Active Non-Playing Characters (Starbase 621)
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer TRolands.jpg Y-o1.png
Ensign Thomas Rolands
San Francisco Fleet Yards
Contact Specialist ArthurRichardsonII.jpg V-o1.png
Ensign Arthur "Art" Richardson II
Starbase 621

Occasional Guest Stars

Occasional Guest Stars
Ambassador to North Star Colony ARichardson.jpg V-amb1.png
Ambassador Arthur Richardson, PhD
Federation Diplomatic Corps
Commanding Officer BEdwards.jpg KIKr-o6.png
Captain Benjamin Edwards
USS Intrepid
Commanding Officer CBaldwin.jpg R-o6.png
Captain Clark Baldwin
Deep Space Five
Owner, Starlight Lounge ARussell.jpg KIKw-blank.png
Aaron Russell
USS Orlando-A

Former Inactive Characters (by Current Assignment)

Inactive Characters (by Current Assignment)
Associate Instructor Haldin.jpg Y-o3.png
Lieutenant Haldin
Starfleet Academy
Flight Control Cadet JAnderson.png KIKr-c4.png
Cadet James Anderson
Starfleet Academy
Operations/Engineering Cadet JHalloway.jpg KIKy-c4.png
Cadet Jeffery Halloway
Starfleet Academy
Deputy Judge Advocate-General AHawkins.jpg KIKr-a3.png
Vice Admiral Andrew Hawkins
Starfleet JAG
Executive Officer RHalloway.jpg KIKr-o5.png
Commander Richard Halloway
USS Orlando-A
Commanding Officer MAnderson.png KIKr-o6.png
Captain Mark Anderson
USS Tethys
Starfleet Family Member ArisIbanya.jpg KIKw-blank.png
Aris Ibanya
Independent Holographic Program PPevensie.jpg KIKr-blank.png
Peter Pevensie

Former Ship Sites

Simulations Listing (Horizon Fleet)
Legacy.jpg USS Yorktown
Commanding Officer: Captain Tobias Naros
Member: Task Force 42
Simulation Website
Prometheus.jpg USS Malinche-A
Commanding Officer: Captain Isabel Kersare
Member: Task Force 42
Simulation Website
Sentinel.jpg USS Sentinel
Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli
Member: Task Force 22
Simulation Website
Astral.jpg Starbase 484
Commanding Officer: Captain Aurora Trax
Member: Task Force 22
Simulation Website
Shiro.jpg Starbase 621
Commanding Officer: Commander Brin Nalys
Member: Task Force 42
Simulation Website

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