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Aldani IV



Federation Colony

  • Starbase 386
  • Aldani Shipyards
  • Orbital Defense Platforms (Cardassian & Federation)

Aldani system
Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

Emblem of the orbiting Starbase 386
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Aldani IV is an M-class planet of the Aldani system, located in a region bordering the territory of the United Federation of Planets and the Taevon Expanse and near space claimed by the Elyshan Empire. It is considered to be on the Federation core-ward frontier away from much of the concentrated and highly populated areas surrounding the Federation's core worlds, but has grown into its own hub of activity since the colony was first established, with Starbase 386 being designated as the location for the headquarters of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet.



Discovery & Early Colonization

Dominion War

Restoration & Reconstruction

Elyshan Cold War

Recent History


Colonial Government

Aldani Security Forces

Badge of the Aldani Security Forces

The Aldani Security Forces (ASF) are the primary police force on the surface of Aldani IV. In addition, due to colonial leaders lacking faith in Starfleet's ability to defend the colony from the Elyshan Empire and the Zutal Imperium, a contingent of Aldani Security Forces personnel have been assigned security duties aboard Starbase 386. The Chief of Station Security also holds a joint commission in Starfleet and the Aldani Security Forces.

Security Forces
Rank Name Rank Insignia
Constable ASF-p7.png
Inspector ASF-p6.png
Captain ASF-p5.png
Lieutenant ASF-p4.png
Sergeant ASF-p3.png
Detective ASF-p2.png
Officer ASF-p1.png


Primary Settlements

Other Settlements

Points of Interest


Though Aldani IV has no natural satellites in the form of moons or planetary rings, various man-made satellites have been placed into its orbit since the colony was first established.

Starbase 386

See also Starbase 386

There have been three stations designated as Starbase 386 since the initial commissioning of the base in the Aldani system. The first, a recycled Regula-class outpost, lasted less than a decade before being replaced by a newly-constructed Stardock-class station. That station stood until the darkest days of the Dominion War, when it was destroyed by a Cardassian fleet. The newest iteration is a Nor-class station. Construction on this station was begun by the Cardassian forces occupying the Aldani system. The station was only partially built when the system was retaken by Starfleet at the end of the War, but due to equipment and material shortages in the wake of the war, Starfleet Command decided to complete construction of the station rather than disassemble it and replace it with a newly-built facility. In the process the base's systems were brought completely up to Starfleet standards, with major elements such as the computer cores and power generation systems being completely replaced prior to construction being completed.

Excelsior-Refit-class USS Orlando undergoing repairs in 2384

Aldani Shipyards

See also Aldani Shipyards

The Aldani Shipyards, located in orbit above the primary settlement of fourth planet in the Aldani system, are the primary starship support and repair facilities along the Federation's core-ward frontier. Starfleet vessels serving as part of Starfleet's Eighth "Horizon" Fleet are amongst the most frequent visitors to the Aldani Shipyards.

A majority of yard operations take place in one of nearly a dozen drydock facilities orbiting Aldani IV. These facilities are orbiting frameworks capable of providing for the maintenance and refitting of docked starships. Each drydock contains industrial replicators and other equipment necessary to effect repairs on damaged vessels and to upgrade existing starship designs. The Aldani Shipyards have processed starships of all classes currently in service with Starfleet and are constantly abuzz with activity as work bees make their way from one area of the yards to another.

The shipyard's administrative offices are located aboard the Nor-class Starbase 386 along with those of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Department of Research & Development as well as other Eighth Fleet administrative departments.

Orbital Defense Platforms

Cardassian Kimeki-class
Orbital Defense Platform

See also Orbital weapon platform

Orbital defense platforms are a type of powerful, automated planetary defense system developed by the Cardassian military during the Dominion War. They were protected by regenerative shielding, three heavy disruptors, and one thousand plasma torpedoes.

Federation Guardian-class
Orbital Defense Platform

The automated defense platforms were developed in late 2374 by the Cardassian Union as a way of defending Cardassian-held territories while allowing greater military resources to be deployed on the offensive. Several hundred upgraded Cardassian Kimeki-class Orbital Defense Platforms were eventually deployed in the Aldani system between the First Battle of Chin'toka and the conclusion of the war. They provided such a formidable addition to the system's defenses that the remaining forces of the Fifth and Eleventh Fleets under the command of then-Commodore Antoine Meyer were prepared for a drawn-out siege or blockade when they attempted to retake the system. Instead, Starfleet received assistance from a member of Legate Damar's resistance movement who had been a part of Gul Heket's staff when the operative was able to successfully bring down the defense perimeter from inside, allowing the Starfleet task force to take Menok Nor virtually intact.

To bolster the defenses and starship support capabilities of newly re-commissioned Starbase 386, the Cardassian Kimeki-class Orbital Defense Platforms captured with the system were refurbished and put into service alongside a series of Federation Guardian-class Orbital Defense Platforms in orbit of Aldani IV near the station. The network of defensive weapons platforms can be controlled from the station's Operations Center or from a fortified position on the surface of Aldani IV. Despite having not yet worked out the compatibility issues surrounding power cores installed aboard the Cardassian platforms, the defense network played an instrumental role in helping to deter an attempted take-over of the station and the Aldani system by the Elyshan Empire in 2386 following the Battle of Altorus. They later proved instrumental in helping to defend both the station and the planet from Elyshan attack during the Battle of Starbase 386 later that year.