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{{succession box | before = Not Listed |title = Chief Operations Officer of {{USS|Coral Sea}}| years = 2390 – Present|after= Incumbant}}
{{succession box | before = Not Listed |title = Chief Operations Officer of {{USS|Coral Sea}}| years = 2390 – Present|after= Incumbant}}
{{succession box | before = [[L'Randil N'rass|Lieutenant JG L'Randil N'rass]] |title = (Acting) Chief Engineer of {{USS|Malinche-A}}| years = 2388 – 2390|after= PENDING}
{{succession box | before = [[L'Randil N'rass|Lieutenant JG L'Randil N'rass]] |title = (Acting) Chief Engineer of {{USS|Malinche-A}}| years = 2388 – 2390|after= PENDING}}
{{succession box | before = Not Listed |title = Chief Systems Manager of {{USS|Malinche-A}}| years = 2386 – Present|after= Incumbant}}
{{succession box | before = Not Listed |title = Chief Systems Manager of {{USS|Malinche-A}}| years = 2386 – Present|after= Incumbant}}
{{succession box | before = Not Listed |title = Chief Operations Officer of {{USS|Malinche-A}}| years = 2384 – 2386|after= [[James Davis|Lieutenant JG James Davis]]}}
{{succession box | before = Not Listed |title = Chief Operations Officer of {{USS|Malinche-A}}| years = 2384 – 2386|after= [[James Davis|Lieutenant JG James Davis]]}}

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William Schulz
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12 October 2359

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Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Coral Sea


Chief Operations Officer

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William Schulz is a Federation Starfleet officer, systems manager, and design specialist serving during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century. The highlights of his recent career center around assignments as Chief Operations Officer, Chief Systems Manager, and Acting Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Malinche-A as well as Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Coral Sea. In this role, Schulz not only witnessed major events involving the Elyshan Cold War, the Hobus Disaster, unrest in the Romulan Empire, and growing awareness of the Yang Zutal, but played a key role in them also. He currently serves as Chief Operations Officer aboard the {{Class|Hastings} USS Coral Sea.





General Overview


Strengths & Weaknesses




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  • Federation Standard
  • German
  • Romulan (in progress)


Father: Charles Schulz
Mother: Annette Schulz (nee Williams)

Biographical History

Early History

William "Will" Schulz was born to Charles and Annette Schulz on 12 October 2359 in the Midwestern city of Hannibal, Missouri. Charles was a Starfleet officer who had taken up a position teaching military history and starship tactics at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Annette was a journalist who would often spend days or even weeks away from her family on assignment writing for the Federation News Service.

By the time William began attending the Hannibal Public Schools when he was five-years-old, both his parents and his teachers realized he could be quite the advanced learner when he actually applied himself to the task. He would often be scolded for not paying attention in class when, in fact, William was simply trying to find ways in which he could grow at his own pace. The young boy's mind was like a sponge that absorbed and retained everything it encountered. His thirst for knowledge seemed to be insatiable and it came as no surprise when he quickly surpassed the other students in reading ability.

With his father teaching at the Academy and his mother away on business for the Federation News Service, William spent a great deal of time outside academics hanging out with friends or engaging in other extra-curricular activities. One of his favorite pastimes was exploring the very same network of caverns which inspired the writings of famous American author Samuel Clemens and he would often spend hours trying to map all the different passageways in his head without writing them down. This eventually led him to join a local historical society which would re-enact scenes from the works of Mark Twain as well as everyday life during the time in which Mark Twain was writing. The routine and regimen William received participating in the historical re-enactments from grade five through the start of high school helped him learn how to manage his time in order to get things done. Starting in sixth grade, William was an active member of the school debate team, traveling to debate meets across the state where he would compete in a given category. His true passion and strength was Student Congress in which he would work with other students to develop and debate mock legislation relating to a variety of topics.

The start of the Dominion War brought about a number of significant changes for individuals and families across the Federation including the Schulz family. Charles began taking on increasing responsibilities as a consultant to high ranking members of Starfleet Operations in addition to his duties as an Academy Instructor while Annette received a deep-space assignment as a war correspondant with the Federation News Service. Shortly before William's fourteenth birthday, his father decided the two of them would move out to San Francisco in hopes he might be able to spend the time he would have been commuting back and forth at home instead. William was not too keen on moving halfway across the continent as it meant having to give up the friends and the environment he'd known his entire life. At the same time, however, William found he was able to interact with a number of the Starfleet cadets on a regular basis and to see Starfleet life firsthand.

Although the thought of exploring amongst the stars and experiencing things few others had ever seen certainly held appeal for this adventurous young man, the fact William's father had been intimately involved with Starfleet his entire life meant that William felt more a sense of obligation than a desire to consider a career as a Starfleet officer. William's attitude toward a Starfleet career did not really change until he witnessed the attack on San Francisco by the Breen within hours of having taken his own Academy Entrance Examinations and helping to care for the Starfleet personnel taking part in the relief efforts following the attack. It was at this point William realized what it meant to serve in times of crisis and he made it a personal goal to one day become as good an officer as he had seen in his father that day. So it was that in the summer of 2376, William packed up and headed off to begin his studies as a Starfleet cadet.

Starfleet Academy

William arrived at Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2376 as a Starfleet cadet pursuing studies flight control and starship operations. It did not take William long to discover how much his time with the historical re-enactors or exploring caverns would help him in his studies at the Academy. Self-discipline and time management skills allowed him to handle the academic course load as well as the physical training requirements with little difficulty. William even found the time he'd spent hanging out with cadets since moving to the San Francisco area helped give him an edge when participating in study groups and getting to know his fellow cadets.

While at the Academy, William quickly distinguished himself as a strong leader who wouldn't hesitate to get his hands dirty in order to help his team succeed. He began taking elective courses typically associated with those cadets pursuing command studies in hopes of one day applying them to a command of his own. It was through these courses that William befriended fellow cadet James Ridderling. The two spent many nights leading study groups for their fellow cadets and even managed to find time for taking advantage of the entertainment San Francisco had to offer.

William made his first and only attempt of the infamous Kobayashi Maru simulation in the spring term of his third year and, although he failed to save the crew of the Kobayashi Maru or even his own vessel, his instructor encouraged him to consider that the only true failure in any situation was to have given up entirely. Because of this, William was able to walk away with a better understanding of how one might approach the so-called "no-win" scenario that would serve to frame his attitude toward his Starfleet career and life in general. He went on to distinguish himself further by helping to mediate a conflict amongst two of his team members that had also played a role in their less-than-stellar performance in the simulator.

Early Starfleet Career

William graduated with honors in flight control and starship operations from Starfleet Academy in the spring of 2380 and was immediately assigned as a Flight Control Officer aboard the Excelsior-Refit-class USS Dante which had been assigned to patrol along the Cardassian border. He made every effort to work with his shipmates in other departments and to interact with them while off-duty as well. This was seen in his increased performance as a pilot and navigator as well as his ability to coordinate smoothly with other departments' personnel while on duty.

Shortly after William's arrival aboard the Dante, they were called upon to respond to a distress call from the cargo ship SS Valley Camp which had become trapped in one of the energy distortions near the outermost edges of the Golden Discontinuity. Transporters were rendered ineffective by high levels of interference from the distortion which meant having to shuttle the cargo vessel's crew to the Dante using a Type 11-class Shuttle. William successfully navigated several trips between the two vessels and managed to retrieve the Valley Camp's entire crew before the cargo vessel's structural integrity field finally collapsed. The actions undertaken by William during that rescue as well as his performance since arriving aboard the Dante earned him the recognition of his superiors and a transfer to the Intrepid-class USS Intrepid as Assistant Chief Operations Officer in late 2380.

William quickly realized the opportunities his new assignment presented not only in the form of increased inter-departmental interactions but in the capabilities of the Intrepid-class design as well. He took advantage of his new authority to begin incorporating many of the lessons he'd learned from his time aboard the Dante and made a conscious effort to develop professional relationships with many of his fellow shipmates. There were some who believed William might have hit a rather substantial roadblock when his friend and fellow shipmate Lieutenant JG James Ridderling was mortally wounded in an accident during what seemed to be a routine away mission, but William continued to give one-hundred and ten percent to his work. It was not long afterward that William was one of several Intrepid personnel who responded to the distress call of a colony ship bound for the Federation core-ward frontier. The away team discovered all but one of the colonists had been killed when their transport suffered a catastrophic systems failure and that the only survivor, Jacob Werner, had survived because he had been fortunate enough to seek refuge in the medical isolation unit.

The first six months of 2384 proved to be some of the most difficult thus far of William's relatively short career. Following a somewhat disasterous mix-up involving William mistakenly being transferred to the USS Dunkirk as Assistant Chief Operations Officer, William found himself with little alternative than to take two weeks leave in hopes that things might prove less confusing upon his return. He took advantage of the time to visit Jacob as well as his own parents on Earth before reporting to Starfleet Command where he was surprised to learn they still had not found him an assignment. Instead, he spent the next several weeks bouncing from one temporary assignment to another without any real sort of pattern other than where he was most needed as a physical body. One day he might have been running errands for Starfleet Operations and the next he might have found himself attending to a leaking conduit aboard one of the many starships undergoing refit at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. While the diversity made his work interesting at first, the novelty eventually began to wear off and William started looking forward to the day when he would find himself receiving a more permanent assignment.

USS Sirion & the Borg

William was ecstatic when he finally received orders from Starfleet Command to report to the Nova-class USS Sirion as Chief Operations Officer with a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant JG. Starfleet then dispatched the Sirion to conduct an investigation into the long-term effects of dilithium mining operations on the planet Direidi. An away team led by the Sirion's Commanding Officer was beamed to the surface to meet with planetary leaders while the Sirion began preparing geological survey equipment. Soon afterward, a rogue Borg sphere emerged from a transwarp conduit, catching the Sirion by complete surprise. William was knocked unconscious during the attack and he reawakened to find the Borg had begun assimilating the Sirion.

Using a technique he had learned while serving aboard the USS Intrepid, William was able to barricade himself in his own quarters and jury-rig a low-energy dampening field powered by a Type-II hand phaser power cell to mask his bio-signature. He spent the next several days trying to keep himself occupied while avoiding detection by the Borg until he was eventually rescued by away teams from the USS Sentinel and the USS Malinche-A. Once he was safely aboard the Malinche, William petitioned Captain Isabel Kersare that he be allowed to officially transfer his assignment to that vessel as Chief Operations Officer. Captain Kersare agreed and allowed William to begin working on a provisional basis until the transfer was able to be put through following their return to Starbase 386.

USS Malinche Chief of Operations

Once the USS Malinche-A had escorted the damaged, partially assimilated USS Sirion back to Starbase 386, William was been officially added to the Malinche's manifest as Chief Operation Officer. He took advantage of the little time for shoreleave to settle into what he hoped would be a more permanent assignment before the Malinche was to embark on an errand of medical transport to Ivor Prime. This included formally introducing himself to the members of his own department as well as the Malinche's new Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Jason Barrett, who also happened to be a former Chief Operations Officer of the Malinche.

An approaching ion storm forced the crew of the Malinche to divert course through a region of space known as the Taevon Expanse which many of William's shipmates found to be most unsettling. William found it difficult to take stock in scuttlebutt of ghosts and legends of strange disappearances in the Expanse, choosing instead to focus on his continued efforts to get his own department in order. It wasn't long before systems began suffering from intermittent fluctuations, however, which quickly increased to outright failures that only caused talk of haunting ghosts to spread. William worked closely with Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Todd Peters in an attempt to track down the source of the disruptions. He was certain they had located the very real trail of someone or something that was intentionally disrupting the Malinche's systems, but every time he would close in, the trail would vanish completely and he would be left with nothing but frustration.

William and Lieutenant Peters thought they had discovered a way to "fix" the issues by undergoing a complete restart of the Malinche's computer cores and purging whatever was causing the problem from their system. They quickly realized, however, that the navigation systems were still being tampered with when they discovered the Malinche was actually doubling back toward the asteroid field where their problems had first started. It wasn't until the Malinche had arrived at the asteroid field again that they would discover all their systems malfunctions were actually the work of the "spirits" of those who'd perished aboard the Federation starship USS Rome who only wished for someone to find their vessel's record marker.

After retrieving the Rome's record marker and finally putting the crew's "spirits" to rest, the Malinche continued on to Ivor Prime where William joined the rest of the crew in taking advantage of the opportunity for shoreleave. He was surprised when Captain Isabel Kersare promoted him to the rank of full Lieutenant as recognition for his work in helping maintain the Malinche's systems as well as his efforts to promote interdepartmental cooperation. Pleased to have finally found a more permanent home for himself, Willliam turned his attention toward finishing the clean up from their experience in the Taevon Expanse and preparing for the Malinche's upcoming assignment to escort a delegation of the Romulan Star Empire to a conference aboard Starbase 386.

USS Malinche Chief Systems Manager

William voluntarily stepped down from his position as Chief Operations Officer later that year in order to take up a position under Lieutenant Commander Todd Peters as Chief Systems Manager with responsibility for continuing to facilitate cooperation between the departments of Engineering and Operations. During a lull in an engagement between the USS Malinche-A and Klingon-Cardassian Alliance forces from the Mirror Universe, William transported to the Beta Section where he helped Lieutenant Commander Peters reconstruct several command subprocessors which had been severely damaged during the battle and were necessary to allow the Malinche's three sections to disengage from Multi-Vector Assault Mode. The two were successful in re-establishing the command processing network and in reintegrating the Malinche's three sections.

The Malinche became the target of attempted sabotage by rogue Romulan agents in 2388 seeking to prevent her from interfering with their plans to alter the past. William worked closely with Lieutenant JG L'Randil N'rass and Lieutenant Aaron Masterson to track the saboteur's movements through the system and helped to set the trap which eventually captured him. He later oversaw efforts to repair those systems which had been damaged when the Malinche pursued the same rogue agents back in time to Earth's late twentieth century. Not long afterward, he assumed temporary responsibility for the department of Engineering when Captain Kersare asked him to serve as the Malinche's Acting Chief Engineering Officer.

Recent Career

Open conflict between the Federation Alliance and the Zutal Imperium at the Battle of Nashira in 2390 as well as the bombing of the USS Wright not long afterward resulted in a pretty significant shake-up within the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. Those at Starfleet Command desperately sought to address what had become an increasingly unstable situation by making several high profile staffing changes. Their ultimate goal in making such changes, particularly the expansion of Operation Sunrise, was to hopefully bring about greater diplomatic security to the region. It was around this time that Schulz was assigned to the Coral Sea as a Chief Operations Officer.

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2376 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2377 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2378 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2379 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2380 USS Dante
Flight Control Officer
2380 - 2384 USS Intrepid
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2384 USS Sirion
Lieutenant JG
Chief Operations Officer
2384 - 2385 USS Malinche-A
Lieutenant JG
Chief Operations Officer
2385 - 2386 USS Malinche-A
Chief Operations Officer
2386 - 2388 USS Malinche-A
Chief Systems Manager
2388 - 2390 USS Malinche-A
Acting Chief Engineering Officer
2390 - Present USS Coral Sea
Chief Operations Officer

Preceded by:
Not Listed
Chief Operations Officer of USS Coral Sea
2390 – Present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Lieutenant JG L'Randil N'rass
(Acting) Chief Engineer of USS Malinche-A
2388 – 2390
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Not Listed
Chief Systems Manager of USS Malinche-A
2386 – Present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Not Listed
Chief Operations Officer of USS Malinche-A
2384 – 2386
Succeeded by:
Lieutenant JG James Davis