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A cargo management unit (sometimes referred to as a CMU or workbee) is a small utility craft in use by the Federation from the mid-23rd century to the 24th Century.

Technical Data

The CMU is a single-occupant vehicle with seating for the pilot only. Generally, the pilot must be spacesuited, especially if the pilot is planning to perform a space walk. The front of the CMU features several large windows. The craft also has a large headlight at its extreme forward end for illuminating a work area.

Propulsion is provided by eight chemical thrusters fixed at intervals around the pod which enable it to move around at a fair pace. They provide just four hours burn time for the pod, somewhat limiting the length of time it can be utilised for. Power is provided by a micro-Sarium-krellide power cell similar to the kind used on 2360’s Shuttlecraft.

As the CMU is primarily a maintenance craft, it features a number of hardpoints to which equipment can be added to give the pod a high degree of flexibility. These include a set of dual remote manipulator arms called the Grabber Sled, a Phaser Welder, a Tractor Beam Emitter, and the Cargo Train Attachment.

The CMU can operate both in the vacuum of space and within the atmospheric and gravitational conditions of a starship cargo bay or planetary surface.

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