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This article is official Horizon Fleet canon.
The crest of the Zutal Imperium
Zutal Imperium
Basic Information

Alpha Quadrant


Hades III



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Political Information

Religious Aristocracy

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Council of Elders

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Council of Elders

Military Branches:

Zutal Imperial Guard


The Zutal Imperium has only recently come to the attention of Starfleet, the Federation, and other major powers in the region. The Imperium, originally from the M51 galaxy, journeyed to the Milky Way after their own galaxy was decimated by war. They are highly advanced and possess expansionist characteristics, however much of their advanced technology is believed to be inoperable at this time. Unlike many powers in the region, the Zutal Imperium is founded around their religion, blending government and religion into one entity.



For known history of the Zutal Imperium, please refer to the Yang Zutal page.

Relationships with other species

The Zutal Imperium has thus far chosen to remain primarily innocuous, only engaging in talks with the smaller governments and groups in the region. Reports from the region indicate that Yang Zutal missionaries have begun trying to convert nearby planets to the Zutal religion, emphasizing the spiritual as well as military advantages of joining the Zutal Imperium. Thus far, the Federation has had no formal meetings with the Zutal Imperium.

While many governments have yet to decide if the Zutal Imperium is a threat or not, the Klingon Empire has declared them an enemy of the empire due to the conditions of first contact with the Yang Zutal. No formal declaration of war has been handed down from the council as yet.

Members of the Orion Syndicate, Nausicaan Alliance, as well as the Klingon House of Duras, and the Klingon House of K'Jaden have all been seen entering and leaving the Hades System, leading to many to speculate that they have begun talks of entering into the Zutal Imperium. This is, however, mere speculation as there is only circumstantial evidence to suggest such.


Unlike many governments, the Zutal Imperium is run by the religious leaders of the Yang Zutal, the Council of Elders. Made up of an unknown number of high ranking clerics, the Council of Elders has the final say on all matters within the Zutal Imperium. The Elders and clerics of the Zutal, who are believed to speak the will of the gods, outrank all military personnel within the Imperium and as such can take direct command of any military situation, although this is believed to be a rare occurrence.


It is currently unclear what typical political agendas play out within the Imperium. As obeying the will of the gods comes before all other matters, and is the highest law, within the Zutal culture, speaking out against the government is a rarity and receives similar punishment to the crime of treason within other cultures.


The Imperial Guard functions as the sole military branch in the Zutal Imperium. It is difficult to draw comparisons between the Imperial Guard and the military structures of other regional powers because the Guard itself is highly decentralized.

Rank Structure

Highest within the structure of the Imperial Guard (in ascending order) are the ranks of Viceroy, Cleric, and Elder. The Viceroy serves as commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guard and is answerable only to the Council of Elders. The "officer corps" of the Imperial Guard (in ascending order) consists of the War Leader, War Chief, and War Commander. These are reserved for Yang Zutal who are members of the Leader-class. Lowest within the structure of the Imperial Guard (in ascending order) are the ranks of Warrior 3rd Class, Warrior 2nd Class, and Warrior 1st Class. These are reserved for Yang Zutal who are members of the Warrior-class.

Elder YZElderRank.png   War Commander YZWCRank.png   Warrior 1st Class YZW1Rank.png
Cleric YZElderRank.png   War Chief YZWChRank.png   Warrior 2nd Class YZW2Rank.png
Viceroy YZViceroyRank.png   War Leader YZWLRank.png   Warrior 3rd Class YZW3Rank.png

Science and Technology

Although intelligence suggests the Zutal Imperium at one time possessed advanced technologies, many of these more advanced systems relied on mineral resources not found in the Milky Way galaxy, thus rendering such technology unusable.

Weapons Technology

The Yang Zutal primarily use a type of disruptor pulse equivalent to similar technologies found throught the Milky Way galaxy.

Organic Missiles are biologically engineered weapons originally developed by the Zutal Imperium to operate symbiotically with their bio-engineered starships. They are roughly equivalent in their purpose to Federation torpedo technology. Each missile is "grown" along the outer shell of a Zutal vessel where they remain innate until activated by the vessel's crew. A missile that has impacted the hull of an enemy vessel or installation immediately starts to produce an extremely acidic compound capable of dissolving most known materials and allowing the missile to "burrow" toward the interior before exploding. It is due to this "burrowing" effect that Organic Missiles are considered to be among the more dangerous weapony ever encountered by the Federation. To date, only the hull armor technology of Maran starships has demonstrated any ability to resist the penetrating nature of the missiles.

The Luna-class USS Pandora was assigned in 2386 to investigate the disappearance of several merchant vessels operating near the Black Cluster. Analysis of a debris field lead the Pandora's crew to recover a series of unusual bio-samples containing DNA that was pi-helix in nature, a formation not commonly found in higher-order life forms ("Confusion in the Cluster"). Starfleet eventually recalled the Pandora and ordered all materials be turned over to Captain Maxwell of the USS Fitzgerald for further investigation. It was eventually discovered that the mysterious disappearances were actually the result of raids being conducted by the Yang Zutal and their allies. The DNA sample recovered by the Pandora was matched to DNA taken from an undetonated Organic Missile recovered by the crew of the Legacy-class USS Yorktown in 2388 ("...Is a Friend In Deed").

Shielding Systems

Evidence from the few recorded encounters between Federation and Zutal Imperium vessels would seem to indicate use of shielding technology significantly less advanced than is used by major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrents. Instead, Zutal bio-ships are protected by a thick, organic armor that is similar to calcified bone, though it is several thousand times stronger. Starfleet engineers have estimated standard application to be just over one-and-a-half times as thick as the Ablative Hull Armor found aboard Federation Starfleet vessels and many times stronger. Some experiments on fragments of Zutal bio-ships recovered by Starfleet personnel would seem to indicate it may be susceptible to weapon discharges in the upper Electro-Magnetic bands. Unfortunately, this has not yet been tested on active Zutal technology.

The Yang Zutal employ specialized dampening fields similar to Federation transport inhibitors aboard their bio-ships to prevent beaming. This is a direct result of religious beliefs which prohibit the use or possession of transporter technology. In the very limited encounters that have been documented, the Yang Zutal appear to employ a similar dampening field around themselves that has the added effect of rendering conventional weapons inert within the field itself. This has led Yang Zutal warriors to become quite adept at martial arts style combat techniques and a preference for hand-to-hand combat.

Bio-Engineered Starships

The Yang Zutal Colony Ship, above Hades III

Starfleet Intelligence has managed to identify four distinct classes of starship currently deployed by the Zutal Imperium as it exists in the Milky Way galaxy. Each starship is the product of biological engineering and designed to carry out a specific function within the structure of the Imperial Guard. Known Zutal starship classifications include (in ascending order) the Zutal Starfighter, the Zutal Cruiser, the Zutal Battleship, and the Zutal Colony Ship.

Zutal Starfighters are the smallest of the biologically engineered vessels. They are highly maneuverable with a weapons compliment comparable to a Talon-class runabout and capable of carrying up to two individuals at a time. The second and most commonly deployed class of vessel is the Zutal Cruiser. Comparable to the cruisers of other Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers, the Zutal Cruiser has a crew compliment of up to six hundred personnel. Zutal Battleships are the largest class of starship within the Imperial Guard, are roughly equivalent to the Federation Dreadnought classification, and are capable of supporting up to two thousand Yang Zutal.

Only one Zutal Colony Ship has ever been identified to date. Several hundred times larger than the Zutal Battleship, the Zutal Colony Ship is capable of attaching itself to the surface of any planet and literally growing the desired ecology. The biological engineered design of the vessel expands into the surrounding ecosystem and slowly terraforms the entire planet by using the resources already available to "grow over" what was once there. While the exact duration for this process remains unknown, it is estimated to last approximately eleven Sol-standard months to completely terraform a planet roughly the size of Earth.

OOC Information for Commanding Officers

  • It has been noted that the Yang Zutal and their history/culture share several traits with both the Wraith of the television show Stargate: Atlantis as well as a species from the non-canon Star Wars novels. While we will submit that there are similarities and that the images used for the Yang Zutal are based off of the Wraith, the vast majority of the Yang Zutal history, culture, technology, and other attributes were written prior to images being chosen to represent them and with no conscious effort to copy either of these species. No copyright and/or idea infringement is or ever has been intended.
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